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Hutchinson’s Education Plan Lacking in Originality

Hutchinson; running candidate for govenor in TexasWhile Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who’s running for governor in Texas, criticizes Governor Rick Perry’s Education plans and goals, she’s receiving criticism herself because her list of proposals is very similar to programs that already exist.

Still, even though she may not have anything new on her proposals, at least she lists them on her site, unlike Perry’s who doesn’t have much, save for a mention of  expanding STEM schools and the UTeach program, which specializes in training math and science teachers at the University of Texas in an article on his site.

So at the moment, Hutchinson’s education plan, resembles pretty much the plan from the Texas Education Agency site, but I’m curious to see what she and her campaign team will do to make her stand out from Rick Perry’s. I’m wondering if her campaign will change the claim that her plan for the Education system won’t “throw more tax dollars at the problem”


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