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Massachusetts Senate Passes Education Reform Bill

Today the  Senate in Massachusetts voted 28-11 for the Education Reform Bill that plans on boosting underperforming schools, as well as allowing more charter schools to develop. You can read more about it here.

Though it passed, it seems a lot of members aren’t too fond of the bill and were trying to push their other colleagues not to support the new bill, which includes requiring charter schools to recruit and retain students of low-income families, English language learners, and those at risk of dropping out.

I’d say if they’re making charter schools recruit these students, then they need to have the necessary programs for these other students so that it doesn’t mess up the school as a whole. Some schools that have taken in students from different financial and education areas have suffered because of the new batch of students and their reputation was knocked down because of this. I say this because this happened to my elementary school when they started accepting students that had a hard time learning or were in-between the cracks and were outside of the district. Many of the older and better teachers left, and so the school had almost all new faculty with teachers that were just starting out. Now I’m not saying all schools suffer a similar fate, but I do think if they plan on doing something like that, that they need to be prepared for it and make sure their faculty is up to the task.

Now, since Senate passed the bill, it’s up to the House to pass the bill, which some reporters are thinking they won’t pass in time, which will be around the new year in January in order to qualify for federal funds.

I’m curious to see what House will decide to do once the bill heads in their direction, from what it sounded like, members of House may be just as split on the idea as some of their colleagues in the Senate.


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