Reform is Approved in Michigan

Today Detroit News announced on their webpage that Michigan legislators passed  education reform, which allows them to qualify for the $400 million up for contention in the Race to the Top campaign.

Seems like Michigan is set to change the way the state handles education, with Legislation coming up with a list of laws they plan to follow in order to compete competitively for the reform money. I like the idea of having a separate cyber high school for students who choose to drop out of high school. My only question would be if a kid that dropped out be willing to attend a cyber school or not? I have to wonder what these schools will have to offer in order to convince students who weren’t interested in attending a regular high school in the first place.

Lawmakers also gained cooperation from teacher unions, which plays a part in who gets the award money for the Race to the Top program.  Despite this however, there is still opposition from the Michigan Education Association and the Detroit Federation of Teachers, more specifically toward bargaining made for teachers that are working in failing schools taken over by the state. Iris Salters, president of the Michigan Education Association felt that though they made the steps necessary to agree with the Race to the Top program, they do not agree of stripping away educators’ rights of helping students in struggling schools. I agree, it would not be right to take away the right for them to decide what to do with students and the school in general. They are the ones working there after all so they should have at least some say in what is going to happen in the schools.

Still, its great news to hear, and so close near the holidays! 🙂 Hopefully Michigan will keep their word and work on improving the schools, not to mention maybe they’ll mention more about these ‘cyber high schools’ I’m curious to see if it is going to be something like a virtual classroom or something different.


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