ACLU sues Florida School System

The ACLU is now suing the education system in Palm Beach, FL  over the horrible education being offered at the schools and the fact that graduation rates for the high schools in the Palm Beach School District has been low. The article, which is on ACLU’s website explains how many students don’t graduate out of school and how the numbers are actually not accurate for the amount of students that make it out of high school with a diploma.

I’m just curious to see if the court will take this case, as the ACLU have filed a lawsuit against the Palm Beach School district before last year that’s very similar to the one they are filing now. The previous case, though didn’t go through because they filed a suit against the wrong person. In the 2008 suit, they filed against the Palm Beach School board, as well as Arthur Johnson, the superintendent of the schools in Palm Beach. This time around, in this latest suit, they filed charges against the state of Florida as a whole, including the governor Charlie Crist, a member of Senate, House, and the Commissioner of Education of Florida.

Of course, since it’s the Civil Liberties Union, they do mention that the graduation rate percentage of African-American and Hispanic students is lower than that of their white peers. The Graduation rates is also really low. At first the ACLU is generous, saying about 1/3 of the student population does not graduate from high school, but the reality is that nearly 1/2 of them fail to graduate. That’s pretty bad standards. To be honest, I’m surprised the governor never pushed for reformatting the education system. Maybe because the first suit the ACLU filed didn’t go through, they dismissed the charges. But even so, with that many children not graduating, it should have been a hint to do something with the system since however way it’s currently set up now, it clearly isn’t working.

Parents are also unhappy with the education system, stating that it doesn’t create a uniformed public education.

Of course this is just another example of the state of many schools around the country that have low graduation rates and a lackluster curriculum that isn’t benefitting the students any. Either way, it makes me curious to see how this will play out, especially with Obama and Arne Duncan’s education reform plan that they’ve been promoting. Perhaps it’ll be a test for everyone to see just how well it will work?


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