Bill Gates sharing reward with other states

Bill Gates at Watertown Regional Library in Watertown, South Dakota

Tuesday the New York Times had an article dealing with Bill Gates expanding a $250,000 donation from his foundation to all states in the country. This was after other states complained, when back in July, Gates was offering $250,000 to lawmakers representing fifteen states that were in the room with him while he was making the announcement.

Those that argued over his earlier decision felt he was involved with the Department of Education in hand-picking states and that’s pretty much what it sounded like, whether Gates really was doing that or not. In fact, one of the states picked was Texas, and along with the other fifteen states that were originally, these were seen as the states that had the best chance to win federal money.

It kind of reminds me of elementary school and picking favorites.

But what about other states that really need the funding money? Such as schools in Michigan or any of the other industrial states.  Or states in the south, such as South Carolina or Mississippi; as well as the schools up north, like in Vermont.

Apparently the rules for the competition was that states that tended to be favored with the Department were those that were promoting the opening of new charter schools. That’s great and all, but what about other states? They don’t deserve to get the short end of the stick just because they aren’t opening charter schools. Not to mention charter schools may not benefit every area. What may be fitting for one state in a certain city, has a totally different outcome for another.

Either way, I’m glad to see some states complained over the grant money being offered to all states instead of a few. States shouldn’t be fighting over who gets money over another and this way the competition is more fair and not deliberately out to pick favorites.


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