Texas Education News

So, on  Tuesday the Chronicle reported that the State Board of Education plans on updating it’s ethics policy with a committee meeting occuring this Friday.

Also, on Monday in Abilene, Texas, the Board of Trustees of the Abeline Independent School District approved of the District Approval Plan for 2009-2010. The plan focuses on what the district wants to improve for schools in the future, which include lowering the dropout rate and providing set standards when it comes for testing for special needs children. In fact, it seems to be a problem there as Dr. David Polnick describes:

the plan also addresses the recent finding that for the second straight year, according to federal guidelines, too many AISD students are allowed to take TAKS tests that are modified for special education students.

That seems a little odd to me, but the article never listed how many of these students are taking these TAKS tests. Even so, it worries me not only because students aren’t really benefitting from taking these tests, but makes me wonder about how the education system is set up for the schools in the district. Why are they taking them anyway? Especially if they are not special education students. If students are taking tests and they are not special needs, then it isn’t be preparing them for higher education. Its no wonder that students aren’t prepared. Hopefully, this new plan they will be able to fix the issue.

Still though, it sounds like the AISD is looking to make progress. They are looking to add classrooms for early childhood education along with other improvements. You can read more about them at ReportNews’ website here.   AISD is also planning to meet up on Thursday to look for a new superintendent to replace Dr. David Polnick who plans on retiring in 2010.


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